Saturday, January 11, 2014


Since its initial release in 2001, anti-spam software MailWasher has been upgraded multiple times, allowing users to take complete control of their email as fraudulent email, junk, and phishing spam continue to plague Web-based, POP and IMAP email servers alike. Opening in a separate window, the software displays all email accounts belonging to users in one place for them to review and delete as they please. The 'Wash Mail' icon removes spam and junk email from servers, so users will only download the remaining good email to their computers.

Instead of cleaning up junk from the mailbox after email has reached your computer, MailWasher distinguishes itself from competitors by letting users preview multiple email accounts and email details on a server before the email even reaches user PCs. Not only does this mean viruses do not enter the computer at all, it also results is smaller emails and lighter inbox loads as well as faster email downloads.

Built-in smart programmes quickly analyse user patterns and learns the types of emails welcomed, thereby adapting to individual user inbox preferences. If you are even pickier and prefer higher security setting for your company or business email, thorough spam tools comprising whitelists and blacklists, customizable filters and public blacklists to identify spammers are available as well. Previewing emails lets users clearly distinguish the obvious viruses, large attachments, and phishing hoaxes from actual mail. Thus, MailWasher:

  • Ensures zero spam enters mobile devices and computers.
  • Inspects emails from multiple email accounts on one window.
  • Avoids any loss of email.
  • Utilises smart tools to sort email and give user flexibility.

The full-featured MailWasher is available for download from Firetrust’s website, and is free for up to 30 days. Upon installation of the paid software on up to 3 computers, you can use the $39.95 MailWasher for an additional 90 days, and still avail yourself to the money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Features of MailWasher

User Friendly

From email novices to anti-virus experts, MailWasher is quick to install and easy to learn. Users can mark email for various actions – deletion, reporting spam, return spam to senders – thereby training the software to differentiate between spam and good email. In case of accidental deletion, good email can be rescured from the Recycle Bin.’ Training the software is simple: users just have to click Thumbs Up’ and Thumbs Down’ for 10-20 emails and it will do the rest.

Email Compatibility

The software works on all email platforms, whether these are Web-based, POP or IMAP servers. These include the most common email hosts such as GMail, Microsoft Outlook, Hotmail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Incredimail, AOL, Postbox,, and Yahoo with Mail+.


Besides incorporating a mobile version and sync capabilities, the new MailWasher Pro 7 is now available in 18 languages: English, French, German, French Canadian, Spanish, Dutch, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Ukranian, Russian, Czech, Swedish, Norwegian, Japanese, Armenian, Danish, Croatian, Italian, and Pirate!

Tech Support

Developer Firetrust’s website host user forums so you can interact with fellow MailWasher users, from previous versions to the latest Pro 7 edition. In addition to a Quick Start Guide, the Firetrust site also provides links to helpful videos, tips, and advanced features. On top of that, you can reach the support team at

Supported Operating Systems

MailWashers supports the latest Windows operating systems:
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP

Free Updates

The current package includes 1 year of using the new versions plus updates, with renewal priced at $24.95.

Benefits of using MailWasher

  • Easy to apply and install on multiple devices.
  • Spam is removed before mail enters your computer.
  • Mail takes up less space.
  • Supports with all email programmes.
  • Built-in spam tools allow detailed customisation of mailbox options.
  • Mobile version caters to both Apple and Android devices
  • Supports sync-ing various devices


A major headache for both retail and enterprise users of email, phishing emails, spam, junk email and unwanted newsletters continue to clog inboxes and slow down server performance by unnecessarily filling up capacity. By structuring MailWasher around removing security threats before emails even reach user servers, the software ensures only wanted emails make it to users’ computers and learns quickly to adapt to individual recipient preferences. The mobile version that serves an increasingly mobile workforce and constant connectivity, as well as the sync feature that supports interoperability, only sweeten the deal.